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Founded in 1987, VISAVIS Editions started by publishing a quarterly revue, followed by various books and collections. Since 2004, the revue is monthly and presented online at VISAVISPHOTO.COM. From October 2010, a new collection of books called "with you, for you " sees the light of day.

> The new collection « with you, for you »
As its name says, "with you, for you" is a true joint venture. Many are those who pile up their photos, harbouring the desire to make a book out of them, but are unable to turn this into a reality which has coherent content, personalized layout or quality printing. And yet for some years now, several structures have emerged which make it possible for people to collate photos. While this can be a first stepping stone, it is not an end in itself. There is a difference between a photo album and a creative photographic book with an editorial concept that has been thought through and which has the necessary stand-back to ensure a global vision. Today, although the tools are available to all, not everyone necessarily has the know-how. A photographer does not become an editor overnight, since a book needs to be built up, made and produced with a team of professionals. For almost 25 years, the name of VISAVIS Editions, has been built on the foundations of quality with regards to contents and form. Up to today, all of its work has been printed in offset.This new collection offers the possibility of digitally printing your books in a limited edition. Together we shallbe creating your books by order from conception to production.

We shall be respecting the founding concepts of VISAVIS PHOTO which, on the 6th of the month, features 6 photographers, each with 6 photographs, like 36 exposures on 1 roll of film, each with their different insights, and VISAVIS WORKSHOP, proposing courses in Italy and Paris with famous photographers who share their techniques, aesthetic viewpoints and sensitivity with 9 students for 9 days and, to round off with, producing 9 books.
Your book will initially be published in 9 copies, with, of course, re-editing a possibility.

To help you conceive, layout and publish your book, give it meaning, rhythm and shape, you will be guided at each of the 3 stages by:

> Photo editing
> Constructing a summary with coherent contents
> Drafting texts to go with images, for those who wish

Gwladys Esnault (graphic designer) for:
> Carrying out personalized layout

> Digitally producing and printing your books
> Dispatching them to your home address

For those who wish to publish a quality book but do not know how to construct contents, come up with personalized layout or print a work of 60 to 120 pages in 9 copies, a publisher will guide you at the 3 stages of CONCEPTION i LAYOUT i PRODUCTION. After the order is placed, follow-up will be by mail once all photos have been received, either in Paris in VISAVIS Editions’ offices. Everything is then dispatched to production by the graphic designer and you will receive the 9 finished books in your mail box.
There are 2 lump-sum rates which include each of the three stages with a possibility for 3 formats, with 2 sizes and 2 possibilities of numbers of pages.

Book formats and paging

SMALL | 9 books   LARGE | 9 books

carré >    18 X 18 cm | 60 pages carré >    30 X 30 cm | 120 pages
vertical >    20 X 25 cm | 60 pages vertical >    20 X 25 cm | 120 pages
horizontal >    25 X 20 cm | 60 pages horizontal >    33 X 28 cm | 120 pages

As it is not possible to know beforehand where orders come from nor where they are to be dispatched, postage costs will vary and be paid directly to the printer by the photographer.
You will receive your parcel one week after printing.

Two options are possible in addition to the above lump sum.
1. Drafting texts: €200
2. Editing a photographic print on Japanese vellum in 9 copies from a photoengraved plate,
with your signature. This original print will bestow a unique character on each of your books.
An estimate will be drawn up for the series.
An estimate will be drawn up for the series.

VISAVIS Photography Edition proposes sharing its reputation with you, since your work may soon be part of the "with you, for you" collection which, like the magazine, will become a benchmark in the photographic world. Becoming one day a famous and recognized creative photographer is not beyond the realms of hope, you just need to push the first door.

> Orders
For further information and orders:
VISAVIS Photography Edition : visavis.photo@wanadoo.fr
7 rue Barbette 75003 Paris France
Tel : (33-1)  01 40 29 00 79  .  mobile (33-6)  06 03 83 63 82
Contact : Nathalie Luyer

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