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The magazine
VISAVIS International began publication more than 20 years ago. During this time it has become the leading magazine in France for contemporary fine art photography, and for the exploration of trends in contemporary visual culture.

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On the 6th of the month, 6 photographers and 6 of their photos are presented online like 36 exposures on 1 roll of film with differents ways to see. To participate in this selection, please send your pictures (10 max.in Jpeg 350 X 550 pixels et 72 dpi) via email (or weblink).The selection will be made, from the images we receive and from or the websites discovered online.

AVRIL / APRIL 2024 #235 Petits contes contemporains



Managing your photography work
After analysing the content of your photographs and all your work, together we discuss how to organise, choose and find the most suitable solution for the evolution of it. If you wish, this joint work can be extended over time to match your inspirations. A monthly, quarterly or annual set price is proposed.

The Vis-a-Vis workshop in Italy and Paris
VISAVIS WORKSHOP proposes workshops in Italy and Paris. Each course accommodates 9 students for 9 days with 9 hours of class, is run by celebrities from the photography world who share their techniques, aesthetic approach and expertise with you to achieve 3 objectives :
• Helping you discover your particular way of expression with your own photography style.
• Enabling you to acquire a fully operational communication tool with the creation of your own website.
• Revealing the Liguria's region of Italy or Paris for the summer workshop.

* Informations sur la région / Informations about the area in Italy
Informations about the workshops

Hôtel VISAVIS **** Via della Chiusa, 28 - 16039 Sestri Levante (Genova) - ITALY

The meetings
On Monday of each week, VISAVIS receives all photographers who want to show us their images, and receive our impressions, a critique or a professional orientation, regarding their work. In 1999 those meetings were at The Centre national de la photographie with the publication every month of one selected photographer.

VISAVIS Editions
7 rue Barbette 75003 Paris France
tél : 01 40 29 00 79 - fax : 01 40 29 05 45
Copyrights and subscription

Copyrights and subscription
The office in France
The workshop in Italy & Paris